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Become ready for a career as a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer with experts from Amazon, Edelweiss, Huawei and more

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22 weeks


Full-Stack UX/UI Design

Develop your skills and get ready for a career in UX/UI Design with professionals from Cathay Pacific, AXA and more

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Sneha Nawalkha

2 weeks


Microsoft PowerBI Certification Prep

Take your first step to becoming a certified Data Analyst with Microsoft’s Power BI PL-300 Certification Course

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I spent 15 years in the professional world -- 8 at Goldman Sachs and 7 at Uber -- and throughout my career always wished I had a stronger technical foundation. When I had some time off, I decided to take the full-time Xccelerate Web App Development course. Lavine, the CEO, cared a lot about the students, personally reaching out to me when I was in my decision-making process and connecting multiple times throughout the 4 month course. I ended up loving the course. It gave me a great roadmap and framework for thinking about how to build apps myself. There were a few apps I had always wanted to build and now am well on my way.
Sam Gellman
New Territory Ventures
I enjoyed learning in the data science and machine learning bootcamp. Within 4 months, all job-ready skills are taught and the guidance from instructors made it easier to catch up with the syllabus as a beginner. Worth it to join!
Todd Wong
Cloud Controls Officer
It is a major change of my life to join Xccelerate bootcamp! I was in the field of business and doing my start-up, once I realized coding will be the future and that's the point I joined Xccelerate. Xccelerate provided all rounded support from tutoring and gaming room. Studying in Xccelerate is one of my most enjoyable time in my life!
Willis Poon
Senior Application Developer
I am really happy that I could benefit from the team's extensive network of tech startups. I wanted to find a job that marries my interests in finance, data science, and software engineering. The team took my requirements seriously and sourced me numerous job opportunities.
Kevin Cho
A well planned out course that packs in 2 years of material into 4 months, so a lot of self-study and self-motivation is required. The material itself can only be mastered with practise which the course gives a lot of. The staff is competent in this field and can answer most questions. There is an entire team to help you with career planning, with services such as a CV touch up and interview training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone prepared to make a full-time commitment to the course. I look forward to my career prospects as a result.
Krishna Mohinani
FDM Group
The low student/teacher ratio gives the instructors to focus on each student, to know us, and cultivate each of us as an individual. Instructors are professional, caring and the curriculum is well organised. It walked us through both front and back-end development with business use cases study.
Moryah Ng
Project Manager
AdBeyond Limited
As a UX/UI design student at Xccelerate, I am provided with instructors who are super helpful and knowledgeable. Their course curriculum also aligns with current professional practices. Throughout my time here, I am encouraged to interact with staff and students from other disciplines (Web Development and Data Science). Everyone collaborates, which is why it feels like a community as much as it as a bootcamp. The course can get a little intense sometimes, but that’s how they prepare you for the real world, so just be prepared to devote yourself to the duration of the bootcamp.
Gary Cheng
I joined the course with no prior knowledge of design. It can be intense, but the instructors and teacher assistants are very helpful along the way. They provided us with lots of constructive feedback to polish our work, which is very valuable for us to take into consideration for any future projects. The course is very comprehensive, it provides students with all the learning materials they needed to become an all-rounded UX/UI designer after 4 months. Plus, I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with other students from Data Science and Web Development cohorts through the Hackathon. This gives me a better understanding of how different teams collaborate and work together on the same project in a real workplace. It was fun and practical!
Elsie Wong
UXUI Consultant
Master Concept Group
This course gave me the experience of conquering setbacks and helped me to instil a strong growth mindset. Within a month of finishing the course, I started a web development agency with some other course mates and an experienced product manager. I'd recommend it to anyone who has a strong desire and aptitude to learn how to code.
Ken Ng
Software Engineer
Zühlke Group
Before Xccelerate I was the founder of a startup. I was doing a lot of machine learning and data science related freelance. Even before I was doing that I was working at a hedge fund in London. I came to Xccelerate because I had experience in the field but wanted to refine my knowledge.
Andy Wang
Data Scientist
The Xccelerate Data Science Bootcamp is a full-time 16 week immersive program designed to fast track career transition for serious candidates. Overall my experience was very good!
Shayan Hassan
Data Engineer
“In the beginning, I found materials in data science are so hard. But sooner, thanks with the help from instructors and their motivation, I put much more efforts in study and solve problems with my classmates.”
Ollio Chung
Data Scientist
It is a great place if you are looking for changing your career path. Mentor and teacher assistants are very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. They provide a lot of learning opportunities and job connections!
Jasmine Leung
UX Designer
ET Net
Xccelerate provides client projects as one of the study modules which is a great opportunity to expand their connections with experts and working peers.
Rosie Yip
UX/UI Designer
Renew Group Consultant
“The company culture is welcoming and friendly, so I feel super safe in the space. In addition, I also met a lot of friends who share similar values; during projects we would all help each other out.”
Nessie Luk
UX UI Designer
Grown Tech
It's a fascinating journey of learning. The content of bootcamp is rich and practical. As teachers help us to finish four funny real world projects putting on Github, it can caught some eyes of future potential employers.
Tony Yu
Data Scientist
“Every time when I encounter difficulties, the teaching team was always nice and supportive to us. They always make sure all the students are on track and are well-prepared for the future job seeking.”
Jennifer Tang
Data Engineer
ParallelChain Lab
The interpersonal and practical skills applying into the reality of tech/design industry will be well-trained by the bespoke syllabus and teaching styles.
Karina Li
UXUI Designer
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions or you're unsure about which course is right for you, send us an email or schedule a free call to find out more.

How is Xccelerate different from the other institutes?

This is the longest running Data Science and Machine Learning bootcamp in Hong Kong. We have developed a positive reputation on behalf of the hundreds of students that have gone on to accept jobs and our ability to work with medium and large organizations on real projects is second to none. In addition, we provide many opportunities for employment seeking and active networking given our longstanding relationships.

The immersive courses are engineered to produce the best possible outcomes within 22 weeks, therefore students should fully understand the commitment and work ethic required to complete the program.

Are there any trial classes for me to have a basic understanding of the courses?

We do offer trial classes regularly. Check out our event page for updates. Subscribing to our email list and following us on social media can get you the most up-to-date information!

How many students in each section of the courses? Would it be possible that the instructors might not be able to take care of all the students?

There are usually around 10-15 students within each guided course. In terms of in-house support offered by Xccelerate, our instructors are constantly available through dedicated channels that we have so that students can be walked through the course on a step-by-step level.

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