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Xccelerate Stories: From Bank Teller to Software Engineer

Helen Chung
June 28, 2019
Last updated on
June 25, 2024


Xccelerate Success Story Series

Our student, Eric, recently graduated our full-time software engineering course. He has successfully been hired as a software engineer before even graduating the program (he’s asked we keep the company private for now). Here is our conversation with him!

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Eric, congratulations on finding a job! Can you share your background story with us? How did you hear about Xccelerate?

I graduated from the Open University of Hong Kong and studied social sciences. Before joining Xccelerate, I worked at a bank for a year, mainly responsible for frontline services.

I enrolled in the Xccelerate course because I wanted to change my career. Today's tech development is flourishing, many jobs have been replaced by technology. Just like the frontline staff of the bank, the mobile phone application designed by the bank can already replace my work. I don't want to continue to develop in such a highly substituted industry. At this time, I saw Xccelerate's advertisement on social media. I saw the prospect of development in the I.T industry, so I enrolled in this course.

Do you think Xccelerate's career support is helpful for you to find a job?

Of course it helps! Many companies don't know what a coding bootcamp is, so even if a student completes a course, companies will still drive down your salary. But Xccelerate is different. Xccelerate has a large recruitment network and a good brand reputation. Many companies have heard of Xcccelerate courses, so there are great expectations for the students here. Moreover, there are staff here to help connect us with companies and arrange interviews. Xccelerate does save us a lot of time.

What advice do you have for the schoolmates who are about to start the course?

The biggest advantage of Xccelerate is offline learning. The learning environment here is very nice, you can learn with your peers, motivate each other and witness the progress of one another. One important point is that the teaching here is a little bit fast, students have to be self-disciplined. You should pre-study before class, and practice to consolidate knowledge after class, so that you will have good grades.

Thank you Eric, congratulations once again! I wish you a bright future and enjoy your career!

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