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How to Become a Product Manager as a Digital Marketer?

Andrew Cheung
June 21, 2021
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

The market's need for skilled product managers continues to grow as space expands, and new opportunities arise.

If you're a digital marketer considering becoming a product manager, you might be wondering if this would be the right move for you. Depending on where you are in your career, you may have set into a comfort zone that might be difficult to change out from.

To become a product manager, there are few things you can do which we discuss below -

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Specialised Training

With the worldwide push towards remote online learning, there are plenty of sources that you can find on the internet to obtain your product management training online.

Xccelerate offers an online part-time product management course that equips you with core skills needed to succeed across different product domains through interactive workshops and real-life examples. Working on real-life examples aids in building your own portfolio to showcase your work during interviews.

Advanced Degree Program

If you have the resources to attend a full-fledged advanced degree program, that's definitely a good option to consider.

While full-time programs mean that your capacity to work might be limited, you'll still be completing projects and gaining valuable experience from your course. To add to this, you'll be getting a certificate at the end of your program that qualifies you to break in into the field of product management.

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On-The-Job Training

If you choose not to attend a full-time advanced degree or complete a specialised product management course, another option is to learn on the job. If you can perform an internship or a junior-level product manager job, there are going to be many things you can pick up just from your experience like agile methodology.

Not only this, but you'll be able to work immediately in the role of your interest without needing to spend time and money in a course.

Keep your eyes open for new opportunities that don't need a qualification, but in which you can showcase the relevant product management skills that are required for a job. This way, you'll be able to grow as a product manager and advance your career effectively and try new sectors like luxury brand management.

How to get started?

A great way to get started would be to first identify the skills you obtain, strengths and weaknesses going into the new role of product management.

The next step would be to go ahead and compare this with the requirements of being a product manager to identify any gaps in skills that you might need to cover up. Next, you may want to decide if you intend to complete an entire full-length advanced degree program or specialised course.

You may also decide to directly jump into an internship or learn on the job. No matter which path you take to getting started, the most important factor is that you begin with an open mind to accept new changes and challenges.

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What will be the benefits and challenges?

There are a few key benefits and challenges to making the change from digital marketer to product manager.

Firstly, changing careers can be challenging in itself. Regardless of which career you're changing to, it implies that there will be a new set of skills and tools that you will need and new phases of growth and experiences that you will have.

This can be either exciting and motivating, or daunting, depending on how you look at it. Either way, if you feel like you would be able to perform better as a product manager, it's best to go ahead and make the switch career earlier rather than later to save yourself time and get acclimated to your new role. Nonetheless, you can still switch careers at a later stage of life and by then you may have more transferable skills.

Learning to interact with the development team, getting used to new product management techniques and learning development terminology are all challenges that you will face as you transition to being a digital product manager.

This can benefit you in a myriad of ways. Firstly, the job change might come with a higher salary, as product managers in Hong Kong are paid very well for their skills. Secondly, you'll get to meet new people and learn new ideas. You'll also be able to gain valuable experience to grow in your career.


As we have discussed, it's very possible to make the switch from being a digital marketer to become a product manager. However, there are challenges to face during the process.

Today, it's easier than ever to transition roles at any point in your career. Getting the right qualifications and having the right skills are the most direct ways to switch from digital marketer to product manager. In doing so, you might run into a whole set of new challenges to face, but they each come with their own advantages which can be greatly fruitful in the long run.

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