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10 Best Programming Languages That Can Land You a Job in 2020

Andy An
October 25, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

IT is becoming a very competitive place. Technology is changing fast; the delivery timelines have reduced drastically. The onus is on delivering products of the highest quality in the shortest time. Add to it the new technologies and programming languages coming up. A forecast of the job trends for 2020 suggests that we should be ready to embrace a change. It may no longer be enough to know what you have been working with over the last few years. 

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Read on to know more about the programming languages that are bound to make a mark next year and if you are good at one or more of them, be assured of the money flowing into your bank accounts without a doubt.

Let us get started.

  1. Java

Java is likely to continue as the most popular programming language. Mainly because of the extensibility it allows the developers. Java code can be run on any machine irrespective of its architecture or the platform used. Java is also an open-source language with tons of resources and help groups. Now if you are new to Java, this is probably the best time for you to get started with it. And if you already know the language and basics, time to take a deep dive. There is so much to Java than you already know.

  1. JavaScript

94% of the websites across the globe use JavaScript. Now you may have understood why it is so important. It is a client-side programming language and can be integrated with HTML with ease. Websites today are developed to be responsive. The user should get the same feel and experience irrespective of the device or platform they use. This is achieved using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript for web pages and mostly JavaScript for mobile devices. So, learning JavaScript could be very useful considering that the internet and mobile are here to stay.

  1. Python

Python is one of the best programming languages to learn. It is simple and easy, yet it is very powerful. Recent times have seen a rapid increase in the adoption rate for python. This trend is driven by the increased usage of python in web development, gaming and even in artificial intelligence. Python also has scores of support groups and open source libraries that we can reuse for our implementation. If you are new to programming, then learning python should be ranked high on your priority list. It will also give you the confidence to learn and develop your skills further.

  1. C/C++

They are probably the first programming languages for most of us. So, if you want to take your first steps into software development, this is a good start. These are simple and powerful languages and a lot can be achieved using these. There are several companies and projects which still run their code in C/C++. With more people running behind newer languages like Java or Python, C++ resources are becoming premium. You can tap into this market if you can master your skills in C/C++.

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  1. Kotlin

When you search for Android developer job openings, you will see that many companies prefer people with Kotlin knowledge and expertise. Around 20% of the apps which were developed using Java or JavaScript prior to 2011 are now being maintained in Kotlin. It also enables developers to develop high-quality apps at a faster speed. It is now officially recommended by Google for its Android platform. With only a limited number of people with this skill set, it could be a life-changing decision for you in 2020.

  1. Golang

Golang is a new language that is making waves across the software scene. The main USP of this programming language is that it helps avoid thread lock, allow concurrent executions, race, and deadlock conditions. It uses goroutines that are way faster than threads and use memory resources only when needed. Go code is also very easy to maintain.

  1. Swift

As the name suggests Swift is very fast, 2.6x faster than c and 8.4x faster than even Python. Developed by Apple it is normally used as the programming language for iOS, macOS, and Linux. In the coming year, it is likely to generate more job openings.

  1. Rust

This is a multi-paradigm system programming language that is developed by Mozilla. It is mainly used for web development. It combines the benefits of both lower-level and higher-level languages into a modern package for the developers. The reason why Rust made it to this list is that it has been the most loved programming language for 3 years consecutively from 2016 to 2018. Well, it goes without saying that, it is a language to look out for and learn at the earliest, to improve your future job prospects.

  1. PHP

PHP is another programming language that has been there for quite some time and is still pretty sought after. The reason for this is, it is user-friendly, open-source, offers high security and performance and has a huge number of online support groups. It offers one of the safest ways of developing a dynamic website and that is the reason why it is always in demand. Being easy to learn just makes it simpler for you too. So, better get started.

  1. SQL

Is that even a question? SQL is one of the most commonly used languages for databases (even though not technically a programming language). Anything you need to relate to data from a database happens through SQL like data mining, data manipulations, servers and databases, large pools of data, and so much more. If you are an SQL expert, trust me, you will find a job in a jiffy. Companies would make a beeline for you and not the other way around.


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With everything said and done. It is important to understand your interests and where you want to go. Always try to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends and technologies. You need to be a thorough expert in any one language that you like and then just understand the implications of a few others. That should be enough to get you where you want. 

This is the right time to get started. Take a pick on what you want to learn to make your New Year the way you want it to be. All the best.

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