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Blockchain Technology: Your Career to Success

Aaryan Jhangiani
November 3, 2022
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

Blockchain and its importance

The field is growing in significant demand at a tremendous rate. When we hear the word "Blockchain", the first of many perspectives that comes to mind are cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. This technological stack is relevant to all crypto-giants as it allows them to operate without the need for a central authority.

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What types of blockchains are there?

There are two significant strands of Blockchain: Public and Private. Public Blockchain refers to a permission-free ledger system by which anyone can join the network. Any stakeholder with internet access can sign in, create an authorised node, and be part of the blockchain network. However, only specified stakeholders can access the web in a private blockchain network. This technology applies to organisations where only a certain number of users can access the ledger system. The quantity of security and authorisation is only in the hands of the controlling organisation.

An example would involve Hyperledger Fabric, a project hosted by Linux Foundation. The project's intention was a foundation for developing applications and solutions with modular architecture.

Ultimately both blockchain systems rely on users to validate edits to the distributed ledgers, thus helping in the making of a new master copy that organisations can access at all times and by everyone.

Where can I get started?

There are a few necessary things that you must know if you want to make a career in Blockchain or if you want to learn about this technology. If you have basic knowledge of computers and coding, this will help you better understand the concepts of the Blockchain. Companies currently hiring for Blockchain are looking for candidates who know how to improvise the current technology and develop something new; this is only possible if you have thorough technical knowledge.

Suppose you do have some experience and would like to broaden your scope of knowledge into Blockchain. In that case, Xccelerate will be launching our Introduction to Smart Contracts Course, where you can perform lab assignments and further enhance your understanding of blockchain technology. You may find more information about our course here.

Final comments towards your future in Blockchain

Students of future generations should be entitled to gain more significant insights into Blockchain and, more importantly, the changing impacts of security on multinational corporations.

Our new Introduction to Smart Contracts Course will provide all learners with a comprehensive experience with Blockchain Intelligence. Attending and completing all aspects of this course will become an incredible asset to your portfolio, as you will be one step closer to embarking on an astonishing career in the technology industry.

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