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My Fun & Easy Approach to Learning Python

December 3, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

Hi! I'm Mauroof and I've just completed Xccelerate's Python course in Hong Kong. I'm a university student with consulting and project management experience. 

Since big data was on the rise and I found that there's a lot of demand for people with programming skills, I decided to explore this field. I discovered Xccelerate on the web, and found it is one of the only programs that teaches in English, so it is best suited for a person like me who cannot communicate in Cantonese.

I like learning in an offline environment because I could clarify any questions right away and ensure that I am on pace with what is being taught. 

Python sounds complex but I'll help you to break down the 5 Python features below in simple terms before you get started with Python. Here we go!

Interactive Input (aka control the outcome)

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This is what I really like about Python as it allows me to input any character, integer, number with decimal points, and "strings" etc. This makes it interactive since the output is completely based on what you typed in the beginning. Own it!

Here's an example:

If you would like to use your friend's name e.g. Derek, you could ask him to type his name in the input box. In Python, "Derek" and other seperate "strings" you input could be used to form a sentence. "Derek is a ." 

"Derek" can also be converted to a different data type in order to compute or display the data in a certain format. This makes it even more convenient to make use of the data that you input. 

Python built-in library module (aka copy and paste reference)

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Python has a standard library which contains different sets of standardized Python scripts which you could copy and paste. You can customize them which could assist you in building a game or program when you have just started learning Python.

I was taught to use the random number generator from python library which is quite useful in creating my game. Together with the input from you and the input from your computer, an interactive game could be made. 

Loops (aka no more copy and paste)

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Loops allows you not to copy and paste a code 100 times. As simple as that, saves you a lot of time!

If else statements (aka decision maker)

There are a lot of scenarios in real life where decision making is required and one decision could affect the decision of another. One decision after another could lead to having to think about what to do next. I have realized that in Python, it works very similarly.

Decisions needed to be made and based on the decision, a certain block of code will be executed. The decision making done by python is based on the conditions set by you.

If else statements are very useful if you want python to do the decision making for you. I made a BMI calculator mainly based on the if statement function in python.

User defined Function (aka personalization)

You can create a new function that is not existent in the python system or library. It will be saved and used multiple times whenever needed. The great thing about defining your own function is that it can be tailored to your needs and can be used to speed up any application development.

In the course, I was taught to make a function that calculates the maximum and minimum and simple numeric calculation of a list.

To conclude

I remember taking online courses and lost motivation eventually, but I was even able to make my own game within three weeks time after attending Xccelerate's Python course in Hong Kong!

Wonder how I did it? Xccelerate offers an all-rounded support, from onsite tutoring sessions after class to a huge tech community on Slack where I can interact with alumni, students and instructors from Coding, Data Science, and UX design courses. Truly eye-opening experience! Highly valued company and recommended course for sure!

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