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Practical Guide to prep you to work in Canada

Xccelerate HK
October 21, 2021
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

Canada's immigration and healthcare policies have always been attractive reasons for people all around the world to start their lives here. While many countries around the world are reeling under the economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada is looking to the tech industry to drive its economy in the coming years.

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It is no surprise that cities like Toronto have found themselves on the list of the fastest-growing tech hubs in North America. Toronto boasted of a 36.5% increase in tech talent growth between 2014 and 2019, and as of 2020, it had a whopping 250,000 tech jobs. Other cities like Ottawa and Vancouver follow shortly behind. What's more, Canadian cities are also topping the list when it comes to tech "brain gain", creating thousands of tech jobs each year.

Crucially, a report has found that there had been an increase of 11% in job vacancies for computer and information systems professionals in the first quarter of 2021. Tech professionals and engineers will be in high demand throughout 2021 and the following years.

Most industries in Canada are open to hiring foreign talent, especially the sectors of healthcare, utilities, technology, construction, and more. Canada is particularly interested in hiring professionals and students from Hong Kong. HK applicants to the Canadian work visa, for example, get various additional benefits, such as priority processing, an open work permit for recent Hong Kong graduates, and pathways to permanent residence for existing HK residents in Canada.

Technologically skilled workers are also preferred across various sectors regardless of their experience level. Canada had also announced in 2020 that the country planned on bringing in over 400,000 immigrants each year between 2021 and 2023 — the last time the country brought in as many immigrants was in 1913.

What You Need to Know Before You Plan Your Move to Canada

Getting an ideal job in any part of the world is no mean task, but when you are competing with the most vital talent from around the globe, it is always beneficial to put forward the best version of yourself. You will need to understand the job scenario and the industry you are aiming for. The tech industry is a vast landscape, so you will have to be clear of your goals before you begin your job hunt.

In addition to preparing your soft skills such as communication and presentation, make sure you build up your repertoire of technical skills too.

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What are the most popular tech jobs in Canada?

According to Y-Axis, some of the highest-paid tech jobs in Canada in 2020 included developers, programmers, IT project managers, data analysts, IT business analysts, software engineers, network administrators, and more. Provinces like Ontario and British Columbia have even stepped up recruiting efforts due to the skill shortage in the technology sector.
Here are some of the tech jobs that Canada will be looking for in the coming year for the tech sector.

  • Developers and Programmers: Full-stack developers with both front- and back-end skills are in high demand, especially programmers skilled in languages such as Python, Java, and .NET, with an average annual salary of CAD79,741. An entry-level position would have an average annual salary between CAD$59,000 and CAD$67,000, while an experienced professional could expect around CAD$82,000.
  • Data Analyst: Data Science is a growing field in every part of the world. The importance of data science is significantly growing in the fintech industry, with an average annual salary of CAD$60,145. This ranges between CAD$51,000 and CAD$80,000 for professionals at different experience levels.
  • IT Business Analyst: Canadian companies are also on the lookout for skilled professionals who can shape and optimize their software and business systems, with an average annual salary of CAD$67,000, ranging from CAD$56,000 and CAD$91,000 based on the experience.



Entry-level Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Entry-level Data Analyst


Senior Data Analyst


Junior Data Scientist


Senior Data Scientist


Entry-level IT Business Analyst


Senior IT Business Analyst


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Develop in-demand skills for Canada

The best way to prepare yourself for a high-paying job in Canada is to acquire the skills in demand in the country. The tech industry is far and wide, so you will have to choose a specialization.

The beauty of acquiring tech skills is that these skills are transferable no matter what sector you choose to work in. With the growing tech boom around the world, industries are adapting to automation and digitization. With skills in Java or Python (or both), immigrants will be equipped with what they need to make them employment-ready.

Xccelerate offers courses covering different specializations, like fintech, product management, design, data science, and Python. With our courses, you can build skills in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Software engineering, and more through our employment-based curriculum that will help you apply your learning to develop your career. The full-time bootcamps can help you build your skillset along with providing you with the knowledge that can be used globally. The full-time bootcamps provide business-focused training, lots of hands-on experience through real client-based projects which help you in building your portfolio.

After the 16 weeks immersive full-time bootcamps the career paths are; Full-stack Web development, Full-stack UX Design and Data Science & Machine Learning. After the end of the bootcamps the related job roles are; Full-stack Developer, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Software Engineer, Analyst Programmer, Junior Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Full-stack UXUI Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer, UX Researcher, Service Designer and UX Consultant.

It may be daunting to pursue a new field on your own, however, Xccelerate also offers 1-on-1 personalised career consultations.

Become a global tech talent and work from anywhere with these tech skills at Xccelerate.

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Stay alert about new opportunities

Finding the right job in Canada or anywhere is not easy - the application number is high and the rejection rate is also high. However, it is best to follow up on rejections to find out how you can improve yourself to use it for your next interview. Canada’s tech industry has remained solid even during the uncertainty brought by the pandemic. According to the data, the projected growth of various IT occupations in Canada is in double digits.

To stay updated on new job opportunities, it’s worth subscribing to company newsletters about future job opportunities, so you are notified as soon as a job is posted. Many companies now post about their job openings on LinkedIn, hence, it is definitely recommended that you follow companies on LinkedIn and also keep your LinkedIn profile updated.

Many industries in Canada are actively hiring tech talent. Companies in the finance and healthcare industries are moving for technology-oriented solutions, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the focus of UK's startup industry is on hiring more tech talent.


The world is moving towards adopting a digital economy, and Canada is among the countries leading the way. As such, the country is looking to expand its tech talent. If you build skills in data science, e-commerce, and other tech specializations through Xcelerate's specialized online courses, and if you are particularly an applicant from Hong Kong, Canada's doors are wide open.

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