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10 Highest Paying IT Jobs for 2020

Aka Chung
November 19, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024


IT today is a mixed bag. It may have lost the early shine, but it is still gold. You may have to polish your skills and be relevant to your company to stay in the race. The times are challenging, but only for people who resist change and refrain from updating themselves with changes in the IT arena. On top of all of this, the global pandemic has expedited the notion of remote working and digitization as the norm, so those who adapt faster will be the ones to reap the benefits in the near future and beyond.

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If your next thought is "what should I learn", then read on. In this section, we give you the 10 highest paid jobs for the year 2020. After reading this, you will be able to make a better decision on how to upgrade your skills and expertise. Let's get started:

Mobile Apps Developers

Mobile apps development is happening in almost all sectors. Even previously developed software is being upgraded to mobile versions. This means there are huge employment opportunities for Android and iOS developers. The pay packages are also high, so if you are thinking of making a switch to app development then this is the right time.

Cloud Infrastructure Specialist

Seamless connectivity, real-time data, reduced infrastructure management, blockchain and more. All have one thing in common. The cloud. There are several cloud offerings like AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, etc. These are niche technologies and it is difficult to get people who are well-versed in them. So, all jobs relating to the cloud including the cloud infrastructure specialist are seeing an uptrend.

Big Data Engineer

There are huge volumes of raw data that need to be presented in just the right form for management to derive inferences and design strategies. This is where Hadoop and Big Data come in. It is imperative for the upper-level people to get processed data. And with the amount of data that we are analyzing on a day-to-day basis, only a specialist will be able to handle it. It's no wonder that they are paid quite well.

Applications Architect

Something more important than the implementation of software or applications is its design and architecture. This plays an important role in the UX, performance, customer acceptance and stability of the application. Only an expert with in-depth knowledge of the application, business, technology, and process can become a good application architect. Yes, it is clear that such people would be a rare find. Time to brush up your skills so you can fit into these roles soon.

Data Security Analyst

Data is very critical to every organization. This data is also vulnerable to external attacks which can have severe repercussions to the organization legally and even otherwise. It is the responsibility of the data security analyst to make sure the vulnerabilities are handled, firewalls are updated, encryption and decryption process are secure, and all network protocols are judiciously followed. All organizations need are a competent team of data security analysts to keep their data safe. If you fit the bill, 2020 is your year.

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Database Manager

Every company needs to handle a plethora of data related to the clients, the employees, its cash flows and much more. All these are stored in secured and encrypted databases that need to be maintained. A database manager would be responsible for the selection, maintenance, and upgrading of this database. It's a job of responsibility and people with good technical knowledge only can handle this. People working in this domain are likely to see better opportunities coming their way in 2020.

Information Systems Security Manager

While others work on application and data, there has to be someone who makes sure all our processes are secure and our security systems are up-to-date. This important technical task is performed by the Information Systems security manager who also makes sure the company complies with all the security standards and procedures laid down by the government, wherever applicable. As leaders, they also need excellent communication skills to interact with the different skills teams to make sure they comply with the security policies.

AI and Robotics Engineer

Autonomous is the buzz for the next few years. It is synonymous with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It requires a lot of technical skills, knowledge, and expertise to become an AI engineer. People with relevant experience are very hard to find. AI and robotics are the future technologies, which are seeing a steep growth trend. This sector is likely to generate many job openings across the world in the coming years.

Transformation/Enablement Consultant

Business and process models are changing drastically. Hence there is a need for large-scale transformations across the organizations to make themselves more fit and agile to the volatile technical world. This enablement and transformation though necessary can also go wrong. This is where a good transformation consultant has a big role to play. With all businesses and enterprises working on making themselves better through enablement, more job opportunities are expected to be created in this domain.

DevOps Engineer

The time to market is being reduced drastically. Everyone wants to be in the market before the competition. Thus, CI/CD was born. The backbone of CI/CD is DevOps. They make sure only quality code gets pushed into production. They also help to oversee the scripting, development, testing and deployment activities for all the software products. In recent times, it is emerging as a key skill with fewer experts than needed. With increased code complexities and reduced time to production, many more avenues are likely to get opened for well-qualified and competent DevOps engineers.


If what you do or your work did not make it to the list, don't lose hope. As we said earlier, stay relevant to your work. Find avenues of improvement and self-development. There is no time to get started on new technology. The next decade will belong to multi-skilled people, so better start preparing for it now. 

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Pick up a skill that relates to your current or what interests you most. Learn it thoroughly and then find ways to implement it and leverage your knowledge. This way you will be better prepared to face the next decade and more with confidence.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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