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How to get Hired as a Digital Marketer with No Experience?

Xccelerate HK
June 15, 2021
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

The digital marketing industry is soaring higher than ever before, especially in Hong Kong. Almost every new technological advancement, like Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mixed Reality (MR), new programming languages, and advanced analytical tools, to name a few, are finding their way into the world of digital marketing.

With the internet penetration rate soaring upward toward 90% in Hong Kong combined with the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and lockdowns are causing regular outdoor marketing and print marketing to plummet to the ground.

“The future is digital.”

Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about digital marketing that are lurking around even in today’s digital world. One of the biggest being that you have to “know it all”. The idea is that if you want to get hired as a digital marketer with no experience, you should pick up one skill and explore every nook and corner of it.

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The Hong Kong government itself, has been taking steps to promote and encourage by making investments into FinTech (Financial Technology) through its Innovation and Technology Venture Fund of HKD 2 billion with a portion set aside for marketing. It acts as an advantage to industries developing a greater interest in digital marketing strategies.

To learn more about FinTech, Xccelerate now offers a 6-week, part-time Intro to FinTech course in Hong Kong.

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It gives rise to a question – how to become a digital marketer with no experience? To quench your thirst to enter into the industry and make a mark, here are a few tips people from non-technical digital marketing backgrounds can turn to for experience.

Find Your Niche

Digital marketing is a broad spectrum with several aspects and variations attached to it. This industry doesn’t require you to be a jack of all and a master of none. Instead, it is more important to find an expertise within digital marketing and master it.

If you are more into the creative side, then you could handle social media or content marketing. If numbers are your thing, you could try out analytics or SEO. Companies are looking out for people who are on par with their niche. After you hone the craft, demonstrate your knowledge. Companies lookout for employees with capabilities and passion for their chosen skill.

Upskill Through Digital Marketing Courses

It might sound cliché, but one of the most effective ways to land a digital marketing job is to hone your skills by learning from experts. From the basics to advanced levels, Xccelerate’s part-time Digital Marketing Course provides you with a head start on your journey. The best part is you can even take many of these courses online from the comfort of your home!

Hong Kong is a place with rapid technological growth, an innovation hub, and showcases of massive potential in the digital marketing world, but if you are looking for an outward experience and a way to kick-start your career in digital marketing, you should definitely make sure to get yourself enrolled in a digital marketing course in Hong Kong by Xccelerate.

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Build Your Brand and Website

Digital marketing is all about marketing products, services, and content. So, naturally, a good digital marketer should also be able to market himself/herself.
You can market yourself as a professional digital marketer or as a digital marketing enthusiast by creating your personal brand and a portfolio website that showcases your personal projects, freelance projects, internships, course certificates, and almost anything that will show employers your skills and accomplishments.

If you have no prior experience in creating websites, you should consider enrolling in Xccelerate’s Web Development Course in Hong Kong today to kickstart your path!
While digital marketing is the promotion of products and UX design and UI design focus on understanding what customers want, they both go together in drawing customers to your products.

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Start with Internship

Interning at a company is your way to learn more and get more hands-on experience. Of course, it is a hustle getting an internship, but it is worth the effort since your likelihood of getting placed in the same company increases exponentially!

By interning, you gain hands-on experience at a marketing firm and will also be actively mentored by digital marketing managers and other professionals who are experts in this field. Furthermore, you will learn and gain a connection with the company, giving you a higher chance of getting hired! It is significant in professional training for students and freshers alike.

Start Freelancing

Now that you have gained knowledge about everything that the industry demands, it is time to freelance. Digital marketing freelance is a great way to outsource your potential. It is a step ahead of all that a person has been doing.
Additionally, you can get on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and offer your services as a digital marketing strategy to people all over the world while you are still completing your online digital marketing course or looking for digital marketing jobs in Hong Kong.

Digital marketing freelance jobs also set you up for success in the corporate world by teaching you how to manage finances, pay your own taxes, streamline your workflow, manage your time, flaunt your skills, and so much more!

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Get Noticed with a Banger Resume

Finally, you should get yourself a resume that stands out, both in design and in content!

To stand out as a digital marketing HK professional your resume should include the following details:

  • Personal or portfolio website
  • Relevant Internship details
  • Relevant university positions
  • Digital marketing course certifications
  • Digital skills
  • Analytical tools
  • Active social media profiles
  • Professional experience (if any)
  • Details of personal projects

As a digital marketer, some of the professions you can apply for with this resume are given in the table below.

A digital marketing specialist's salary is HKD295,596 approximately annually. Whereas a digital marketing manager's salary is HKD398,141 yearly. An SEO specialist's salary is HKD302,082 approximately. Lastly, a content manager's salary is HKD330,000 on average yearly.

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The digital market demand in Hong Kong is on the rise. There has never been a better time for people who want to start their career in digital marketing or for people who are looking for a career shift. In order to succeed, it is important to make sure you have the right training in this field. Make sure to check out the courses listed below!

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