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How to make a standout UX Design Portfolio

Xccelerate HK
February 5, 2024
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

Did you know that 80% of recruiters say they spend 3 minutes or less on a candidate’s portfolio?

Surprising, isn't it?! But here's the thing

Your portfolio is more than a showcase of work; it's your professional story! Carefully curated to reveal technical skills, problem-solving, creativity, and impact. It's your gateway to making a memorable first impression, offering recruiters insight into your thought process, methodology, and the value you bring.

Let’s delve into what hiring managers (and potential clients) expect from a killer portfolio 🔥

Starting with portfolio Trends in 2024 - What makes a standout portfolio today

1. Demonstrate your problem-solving skills 🧐

Problem-solving goes beyond ticking checkboxes. Show a strong grasp of the design process by diving into the project brief, conquering challenges, and revealing your strategic thinking through tradeoff decisions.

To put these skills into action, craft compelling case studies.

Check out a stellar example of Michael Chu's work on Hollo: Digiact App Revamp Case Study. He meticulously incorporates elements like competitive analysis, user persona, user flow, wireframes, and more!

2. Showcase Systems Thinking with Innovative Tools and Features 🛠️

By tapping into AI's potential, you can craft portfolios that show your grasp of technology, demonstrating your adaptability to evolving times.

One example you can explore is integrating an Interactive Q&A Chatbot for scheduling and inquiries, engaging your audience with a dynamic and personalized interaction that transforms your portfolio into an interactive experience! Check out's user-friendly, no-code chatbot builder. Where you can utilize pre-built templates for scenarios like bookings!

See how Louis Owen enhanced his portfolio with an AI assistant for interactive engagement, leaving a lasting impression on recruiters. However, answers may not always be perfect, embrace the experimental nature of these features to enhance your portfolio's dynamism and captivate your audience!

3. Unveil Your Personality: Proactively Learn, Network Freely, and Establish a Vibrant Social Media Presence! 🕺

Leverage content creation and let your personality shine! Being a cultural fit is as crucial as hard skills. Beyond technical prowess, being perceived as enjoyable and interesting can greatly impact interviews. Embrace dynamic self-presentation through content like short videos, blogs, and reels—no need for Hollywood-style production.

Consistently share this content on your portfolio and social media to showcase skills and demonstrate compatibility with workplace culture. Being visible through engaging content sets you apart in a competitive job market. Get creative effortlessly! Dive into content creation with these exciting AI tools we recommend:

Blogging or copywriting: Chatgpt and

Video editing: Filmora and Capcut

For editing Graphics: Canva and Figma

Explore Yu-hsuan's portfolio, where she integrates a "playground" page offering a glimpse into her experiments, side projects, written blogs, and more. It's a delightful additional touch that adds a vibrant dash of personality to her presentation!

4.  Cultivate a Keen Eye for Detail and Information Architecture 🧐

Meticulous attention to detail is crucial for creating a professional image. Sloppily assembled portfolios, whether using free templates like Wix or containing broken links, can be a major turn-off for potential employers. Why should a company trust you with their projects if you don't invest 100% effort in your brand?

Despite budget constraints, find cost-effective ways to create a polished user experience. In the competitive field of UX design, the takeaway is clear: never compromise on your brand, as it significantly impacts your professional journey.

Remember, good visuals stand out. Ensure your portfolio is not just well-organized but visually appealing.

5. Make a Genuine Impact: Measure, Explain, and Showcase Real Results! 💯

At Xccelerate, our courses empower students to create impact and articulate their noteworthy achievements. By actively engaging in real-client projects, students enhance their skills and construct a robust portfolio filled with real-world case studies.

Our "Learn by Doing" process ensures hands-on experience, allowing individuals to tackle authentic problems and derive practical solutions. Leveraging project briefs from real-client scenarios, our courses provide a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the complexities of the professional landscape. For those seeking a direct connection to industry standards, Xccelerate’s courses seamlessly bridge the gap between theory and practice. Check out our mentor-led introductory UIUX course! to learn more.

Among the prestigious clients our students collaborate with are Hong Kong MTR, YAS Insurance, Hong Kong Telecom, PCCW, V Systems Blockchain, and many others, enhancing their real-world exposure and professional network.

In your journey to create an outstanding UX portfolio, the most important thing is to BE YOURSELF 👈!

Inject your personality and dedication into your portfolio—it's not just a showcase, but a testament to your skills and evolving expertise. Utilize various tools, from storytelling to visual design, to communicate your unique story effectively. Now, you're well-equipped—best of luck on your exciting UX adventure!

Ready to elevate your portfolio with real-world client projects? Enroll in our UX Course today!