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What is UX Design and How It Will Help Your Business?

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August 30, 2021
Last updated on
June 13, 2024


What is UX Design?

User experience (UX) design is a method commonly used to create digital products that help users to have a relevant and seamless experience. In short, the process is aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction. The whole process includes comprehensive design as well as integrating the product with other significant aspects including branding, usability and function. To understand better the different types of UX design roles and which to choose from, read this blog.

How does UX Design help your Business?

If you have business operations and processes exercised through online websites, justifying the role of digital reality –an appealing UX design – should be one of your many concerns. In the world of virtual engagements, focusing on a great UX design is the key to promote a high level of business growth and conversion as well as minimizing shopping cart abandonment.

UX design reflects user experience and their journey through your online website pages starting from the homepage until the checkout stage. Hence, in many ways, user experience has a lot to do with overall conversion and the success of conversion funnel. Owing to this fact, many successful eCommerce leaders emphasize how UX helps convert more prospects.

We are going to understand what imperfect UX looks like and how improving UX design can result in dynamic, smart online business.

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Signs of complicated, imperfect UX

Online business conducted through websites often confronts a handful of constraints regarding persuasion efforts, engagement, credibility, retention and conversion. Customers reaching the checkout page are dismayingly low and online retailers are the biggest victim of this ugly phenomenon, facing more than 69% of shopping cart abandonment rate.

A complicated, low-quality UX is a big “no” if you have high ambitions for your online business. To increase conversion and limit the instance of cart abandonment, you need to understand the importance of better UX design. Here are a few signs of bad UX:

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Lack of mobile-friendly structure

Since the mobile device comes in handy for quick searches, now more than half of the global traffic to online websites stems from mobile versions. To entice customers to stay and engage, it is absolutely necessary to build a responsive mobile-friendly website. Even a recent Google survey on user expectations from mobile Sites revealed that 61% of users prefer a mobile-friendly website to make a purchase.

As an aside, Google recently announced that the mobile experience will take precedence over desktop when it comes to SEO rankings. More than half of the traffic actually come from mobile devices, meaning mobile usability should be a core focus for all businesses moving forward.

A long, challenging check-out process

The checkout process is the delicate part of the conversion funnel that can make or break your conversion dream. Having too long, complicated checkout steps is a challenge least expected by users. Considering the customer's limited attention span and comfort level, the checkout page should ideally contain as many 8-10 fields – enough for customers to fill the most essential payment details and complete the checkout.

Weak, unspecified value proposition

Your website must show its purpose and offer a clear-cut value proposition to users especially during those critical first 8-10 they spend exploring your online showcase. If they fail to see a specific, clear and persuasive proposition for the products you sell, they will instantly leave the website. Make a quick, snappy statement on what products you sell, how they address target problems and why customers should find it unique.

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Vague call-to-action buttons

Whether it is a chat indicator, product suggestions, form fill-ups, buying signal or page visit, having a clear call-to-action saves you unnecessary friction that might happen later. A simple, clean CTA can make the difference between a converted lead and a lost prospect. A perfect call-to-action signal is also the one that is quite visible and specific (not generic), standing out against other UX elements. Be clear about what action you want customers to initiate with your CTA and make it persuasive. If it is about subscribing to newsletters, then specifically design a button saying "Sign up for our newsletter".

Effective UX design practices for frictionless business

All the major benefits of implementing impeccable UX design seem tangible when UX design is considered from the initial phase of the digital business strategy. It is important to treat UX as more than an afterthought. But still, if it is too airy-fairy to work on an entire website overhaul, adopting ideal UX design practices can make digital strategy impactful:

Create a frictionless checkout path

Of all the process steps that lead down the conversion funnel, the checkout process holds great substance (as mentioned before). Make the checkout concise, snappy and quick to make sure customers don't feel discouraged while going for it. Uncomplicate everything by minimizing the number of fields customers need to fill to reach the next stage. Based on the idea, simplifying the whole checkout into a maximum quick, two-page process can make customers comfortable and confident.

To accelerate the checkout further, you can implement automated auto-fill checkout pages where customers can complete the process in a couple of clicks and entry. Automation of address, email or name and area code can save a lot of time while eliminating any typographic errors.

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Seamless experience

According to Forrester Research insight in 2016, a well-designed UX could boost website conversion rate by smashing 400%. A great number of business operations and relevant interactions are going online, it is important to make sure your business website sticks to customers' mind and connects with them. The only way to drive better results and convert more prospects through your online portal is to create a seamless user experience. Having smooth interactions and effortless navigation coupled with prompt customer support channels help deliver seamless UX experience.

Don't be too generous with options

An overkill of anything in any business will spoil the whole motive. The real benefits of better UX design are gained only from keeping a few good options, or decisions a customer must make, which leads to minimum confusion. The idea here is not being ungenerous, but not being too generous with options when a few will work. In your digital business strategy, it is important to remember that offering too much on every stage of the customer journey can add to confusion and annoyance, and can eventually ruin the entire game of conversion.  Another name for this is decision fatigue.

Plan in advance what all options can drive better decisions, what information can influence customers and boost their confidence. Stay clear about displaying crucial details such as subscription charges, delivery cost, third-party payment fees, etc.

Generate trust signals

If your website is facing frequent issues like access denials, site errors, confusing pricing structure, misleading service promises or offers, lack of security standard and limited payment methods, your online engagements with customers are not going to be fruitful. To create more chances of website conversion and trust signals, focus on creating a smooth, confident journey for users from the landing page/homepage to the checkout page. Customers believe in your business if every element reflects commitment and authenticity.

Other notable ways to demonstrate trust are transparent reviews, testimonials and logos of notable companies who have done business with you.

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Optimize UX for mobile-responsive commerce

When a big part of your business is operated online, like eCommerce sites, introducing a few simple and smart UX design changes can lead to massive mobile website engagement. For instance, think of enhancing navigation and adding a modern sticky menu at the top reflecting a search bar or button. Such an option stays with customers as they steer around and is easy to click, making their experience smooth and less intimidating.  

Increasing the pace of loading webpages on mobile is also another way to improve your mobile UX experience for mobile-savvy eCommerce customers. Highlight buttons that are conspicuous call-to-action. For a better interactive human interface for mobile UX, iPhone recommends having clean 44-pixel buttons.

Choose between one-time conversion and lifetime commitment

Not every visitor or website user comes to be your loyal lifetime customer or hopes to buy from you. But if one-time conversion hints at a glimmer of a lifetime commitment, then so be it. When you see an online visitor showing interest in trying your offerings, it suggests a positive signal that can lead to full-time loyalty. If it works in your favor, it is wise to comply with a no-agreement policy where a customer can buy their favorite products without a need for a specific account or a contract.

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Last words: Choose a seasoned UX learning partner

Those who learn to implement better UX design for small as well as enterprise-level companies can grab a promising opportunity to work with leaders in the business. Since a smooth UX design is the dream of every online business owner, having flawless knowledge in creating the best UX design can establish you as a leader in the niche. However, it all depends on what UX learning partner you choose to be a UX design professional. It is important to opt for seasoned learning institutes to make an early break in the industry.

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