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Xccelerate Stories: Miro's Hiring Threepeat

Helen Chung
July 19, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

Miro is a growing technology startup based in Hong Kong that is focused on uncovering one-of-a-kind insights from endurance sporting event photos and videos. Launching in early 2017, Miro has rapidly attained the leadership status in AI for endurance sport. Combining deep learning, computer vision, scalable cloud infrastructure & ElasticSearch, Miro's AthleteID is used by nearly 500 events in Asia, Europe & North America, and their RunnerTag has analyzed over 10M athletes.

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In this case study, we talk to Taylor Host, Co-Founder, and CEO of Miro about their experience in hiring not one, but THREE graduates from our Full-Time Immersive Data Science and Machine Learning course.

Hi Taylor, what has your relationship with Xccelerate been like?

Xccelerate has been a fantastic place for us to not only know what people are talking about in Data Science and what people are learning but also in finding awesome Data Science candidates here in Hong Kong.

What would you say are the challenges when it comes to hiring traditionally?

It is very difficult to hire directly from universities. You don’t know how someone is going to work, you don’t know how they can work with others and also the output is going to be less than great.

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How did Xccelerate help you in finding the Tech talent that you were looking for?

When it comes to Xccelerate, we are getting access to professionals, whether they are from different career paths or advanced skills, not only they are interested in the data science part but taking it upon themselves to sign up, to learn data science in an academic environment outside their day-to-day duties. We will look at Xccelerate candidates as a top tech tier, and we have been successful in hiring three from the Xccelerate program, including our head of Data Science, Wayne Fong.

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