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Python Developer Salary in Hong Kong

Kay Hui
October 28, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024


Python is a high-level programming language, widely used for general-purpose programming only. Python offers a number of libraries that assist developers in developing codes. Python is a recent trend in the software industry and no doubt Python programmers earn more than other software developers.

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Hong Kong is gradually becoming a sought after location for software developers. Python has widely spread its craze among software developers and many of them are looking for their career in Python development. But just stating the annual salary of a Python developer in Hong Kong won't be justifiable. The salary of Python developers depends on various factors.

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Here are some of the main factors that affect the salary structure of a Python Developer. But, one thing is for sure:  A Python developer without any doubt earns better than other software engineers when considering the comparable factors, conditions and certifications.

Python Programmer Influencing Factors

1. Location

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Location plays an important role in deciding the salary of a Python developer. If we consider the whole world, California is the highest paying location for a Python developer with an average annual salary of $106,467. But, since we are considering Hong Kong as a location, let us now discuss the average annual salary of a Python developer in Hong Kong. The average salary of Python developer in Hong Kong is 42,981 HKD per month. The salary of a Python developer in Hong Kong lies in the top 25 percentile of salary being earned by software developers in Hong Kong. So, if you are a Python developer, Hong Kong is an inviting location for you that will offer you a pay scale being earned by the top 25% of software developers there.

2. Experience

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Experience is an important factor in deciding your pay scale as Python developer in Hong Kong. As we have already discussed the average salary of Python developer in Hong Kong, the salary will decrease or increase on the basis of the experience of the developer. A newbie would have to wait for some years to reach the average salary structure of Python developer in Hong Kong, while an experienced and expert Python developer might have gone beyond this average salary structure. You might fall into below given categories based on your experience.

  • Entry-level (less than 1 year on the job) 
  • Between 1 and 4 years 
  • 5 and 9 years 
  • 10 and 19 years 
  • Over 20 years

3. Industry

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Another important factor that affects the salary of Python developer in Hong Kong is the Industry. Talking about the trend, the Python programmers are generally inclined towards private-owned companies or large corporations. They prefer such companies to seek employment. There are few companies that are dreamt of by all Python developers. They pay their employees more than the average pay scale by major employers of Python developers in Hong Kong. Yelp! Inc. is one among them, which ensures above-average salary to its Python developers in Hong Kong. Here are a few more other IT giants that promises above average payscale to its Python developers:

  • Google Inc. 
  • International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. 
  • Inc. 
  • Cisco Systems Inc. 
  • Microsoft Corp.

4. Schedule & Working Hours

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Schedule and working hours of Python developers are no different from other software developers, though the usual working hours are around 40 hrs. a week, as the complete software industry is subjected to strict deadlines, they have to stretch their working hours. These extended working hours though could bring them stress, but it brings them extra pay too. They do work in an environment surrounded by desktops and laptops, but in today's works, companies understanding the stress level of the developers, make their working place more fun-filled and with a relaxing and cool ambience.

Many companies provide them with a more relaxing environment and permit work from home option to its employees.

As most of the software developers, Python developers are also exposed to professional illnesses such as back problems or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The work pressure in the company also plays a role in deciding the salary of python developers, but it does not play a major role in altering their salaries.

5. Bonuses and Benefits

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Apart from your regular salary, as a Python developer, you are eligible for various other bonuses and benefits like medical insurance or others.

Many companies even offer overtime bonus and such a policy can make you earn extra by working a little extra.

Some of the perks and benefits you might get apart from your regular salary are:

  • Paid Holidays or Vacation 
  • Free Drinks 
  • Life Insurance or Disability policy 
  • Flexible Schedule 
  • Fitness Membership

Career Outlook

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The market for Python jobs is blooming in Hong Kong and there are tremendous opportunities for Python developers there. As already discussed earlier, the average salary of a Python developer in HongKong is above the average salary of other software developers. Therefore, it is definitely a better option to opt for Python as your expertise.

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### Conclusion

Python is a little more versatile than many other programming languages. It is now being widely used for programming purposes. There is an upsurge in demand of Python developers all over the world. As Hong Kong is gradually becoming a hot destination for software developers, Python developers are very much in demand in Hong Kong.

But to remember, Python development is becoming a very competitive field and you will require perfecting your Python development skill to get a good job. Also, if your desire is to get a high paying job, then as a Python developer you should also be ready to work overtime. Python development definitely offers you a bright future, considering the current scenario. But one thing you have to be sure of is, you will have to work really hard to progress as a Python developer. This field is relatively competitive and high-paced.

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