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Xccelerate Stories: The Starting Point as a Data Scientist

Kay Hui
January 28, 2021
Last updated on
March 13, 2024


When you sign up for a tech bootcamp, you know you are going to graduate with a mastery of hard, technical knowledge. But when it comes to presenting yourself in an interview, uncovering soft skills can be of utmost importance.

Oscar Yiu - Full-time Data Science Immersive Bootcamp Graduate

Get to know Oscar, a graduate of the Data Science and Machine Learning Immersive course this year. He majored in Applied Mathematics back in university before he received all-rounded career support and education in his 4-month journey with Xccelerate.

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Learn in a Collaborative Way as a Community

The learning experiences in university and at Xccelerate were very different. Here, we have classes from 9am to 12noon and would start working on projects in the afternoon. We have more opportunity to interact as a community here. We can seek help from our tutor at anytime as they are always here on campus.

To me, Xccelerate’s student community was a huge add-on to my career development path. Some parts of my projects were related to web development, an aspect that I was not familiar with. I was glad that I could talk to the students in the Web Development Immersive course and pick up extra knowledge. The community was a huge add-on while I was studying at Xccelerate.

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Xccelerate’s Career Support

Xccelerate’s Talent Solutions team assisted us in pitching ourselves and building up soft skills. My interviews before Xccelerate were not that well-prepared with all the necessary information on my resume and Linkedin profile. I got no direction on pitching myself to employers. Industry insiders were invited by Xccelerate to share insights on job-hunting. With the help of all these training, I developed my soft skills. I’m now much more prepared to handle future interviews.

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Ability to Put Thought in Practice

All in all, Xccelerate helped me a lot as the starting point of my tech career path. The Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp is a full time course which allows me to fully immerse myself into the field. Now with the course coming to an end, I realized that technology is accessible in everyday life. The course has enlightened me to have new ideas and equipped me with the ability to put them in practice. All of these gave me a huge sense of achievement.

The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. Oscar's story is a soid proof of how education and community may be of assistance when it comes to starting a new life chapter.

If you’re experiencing major, unexpected changes in your career path, check out our COVID-19 Economic Recovery Education Fund to explore more career options as a community!

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