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Xccelerate Workshop at Hong Kong University: Recap

Steve Safarowic
April 23, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

On the 10th of April 2019, Xccelerate held a workshop on Data Science & Machine Learning in Finance at Hong Kong University campus. We hosted one of our previous graduates.

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The Importance of AI and Machine Learning in higher education

It is no secret that Artificial Intelligence is getting increasingly embedded in our lives in this digital era. For students who will soon graduate from universities and colleges, AI will inevitably impact their careers. For those new graduates who are interested in careers in AI could pursue a broad range of exciting new career prospects focused on data science, machine learning, and advanced statistics.

Even students who are not interested in careers focusing on AI would benefit from a sound education in artificial intelligence and familiarity with working with machines. Adding data science & machine learning skills in a candidate’s resume is now considered more than essential in a world where there is a short supply of data science & machine learning experts.

The digital era is creating new types of jobs which will require students to understand, at least at a proficient level,how machines perform. This is because traditional roles such as sales, business analyst, human resources and many others will soon be augmented by AI, requiring a new level of proficiency for front-line staff to interact with machines.

In addition, executives and managers will need to work with machines in strategic decision-making and problem-solving roles. And this is why our tertiary education institutions should better equip students to work with machines and give them an edge with relevant skills in the job market.

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How Xccelerate is promoting that Data Science & Machine Learning

Experts predict that about 65% of jobs that will be available for students in the coming decade or so do not exist yet. Most of these new jobs are expected to evolve in the quaternary sector, which is composed of knowledge-based and highly demanding service jobs such as in business, legal, and IT functions.

As an institution with the vision of bridging the tech talent gap in Hong Kong, Xccelerate is promoting the recalibration of the education system to not only teach STEM but also lead and succeed in digital organizations. We believe we need to reimagine our education to create a workforce ready for the challenges of an AI and digital future, by combining classroom learning with digital sessions outside the classroom, in order to address the issues of digitalization and to satisfy the high requirements of today’s market. This requires teaching people to think differently.

Here at Xccelerate we offer a range of premium content and curated courses to cope with the rapid developments of digitalization. These courses are designed to enable students and companies to acquire the skills they need in Data Science & Machine Learning.

Workshop Success

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The workshop attracted 60+ HKU students to participate who were interested in upgrading their skills to match the current employment market.

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