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Xccelerate & Solana launch Train-to-Hire program

Lavine Hemlani
June 13, 2023
Last updated on
June 14, 2024

Wednesday, June 15th.



Xccelerate, a leading tech talent training provider based in Hong Kong, and Solana Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the decentralization, adoption, and security of the Solana ecosystem, are partnering to offer 100% scholarships to 65 blockchain developers and 40 product designers. This 10-week immersive program aims to inspire talents to build innovative projects and land high-impact careers in the Solana Ecosystem, especially within the Greater Bay Area.  

"Xccelerate is committed to addressing the shortage of tech talent in Asia by training top prospects and preparing them for high-impact roles. We are excited to partner with the Solana Foundation to expand into the blockchain space with the same strategy to accelerate blockchain technology exposure" said Lavine Hemlani, CEO, Xccelerate.  

Launching in June 2023, the program will cover topics such as smart contract development, design thinking, and hands-on experience in building decentralized applications and products. Participants will receive a Solana Scholars Certificate upon completion and assistance from Xccelerate and Solana community members to fund top projects or connect with projects in need of developers and product designers. Content will be delivered in English, Mandarin and Cantonese to serve participants from across the region. The long term goal of the initiative is to graduate 1000 developers and designers by June 2024.

Anna Yuan, New Markets Growth, Solana Foundation said, "This unique opportunity will impact the Solana ecosystem by injecting top talents, building exciting projects, or joining high-impact careers for projects that are struggling to find talent, especially in the Greater Bay Area.."

Each training program will run for 10 weeks, with live sessions held three times per week, including two instructor-led sessions and one peer-to-peer session. The syllabus for blockchain developers and product developers will be designed to cater to the specific needs of each group, ensuring that all participants gain the necessary skills to succeed in the blockchain space by co-creating projects together.  

For blockchain developers, the program will cover Solana and blockchain basics, smart contract development, building decentralized applications, and blockchain tools and techniques. Product designers will learn about Solana and blockchain, product development and design thinking, collaborating with developers, blockchain for product design, and legal considerations.

All participants will work on a final project to  integrate their learning and present to instructors and peers. The program aims to equip participants with in-demand skills to build innovative projects on Solana and land high-impact careers.

Head to the program page to learn more.

About Xccelerate

Xccelerate is a leading edtech company based in Hong Kong that provides immersive tech courses and career support to individuals and companies across Asia. Founded in 2015, Xccelerate has trained over 45,000 students through courses in software engineering, data science, UX/UI design, and more. Xccelerate's mission is to empower talents with the skills they need to succeed in the digital age. For more information, visit

About Solana Foundation

The Solana Foundation supports the development of the Solana blockchain, an open source project implementing a new, high-performance, permissionless blockchain. The Solana blockchain validates transactions quickly and cheaply, making it ideal for decentralized finance and other blockchain applications. The Foundation funds critical infrastructure and supports developers in the Solana ecosystem.

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