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XCCELERATE STORIES: High School Graduate Becoming Tech Talent in 4 Months

Aka Chung
January 14, 2020
Last updated on
March 13, 2024


"Xccelerate has its own in-house career support team. They have provided the strongest career support with their full commitment. They have hosted various workshops, e.g. CV workshops, interview workshops, etc for us to prepare for our job search."

Adrian So - Data Science & Machine Learning Graduate

Adrian came to us in mid-May2019 asking for advice, wondering whether the Xccelerate Bootcamp could lead him to his career goals even though he wasn’t confident in his academic background.

After a 30 minute consultation, the Xccelerate team recommended him to go for our Full-time Data Science and Machine Learning Immersive Bootcamp. Today, he has started his new career in a tech position.

Thanks, Adrian, for the interview! Can you share your background story with us?

Hi everyone, I am Adrian. I am 21 years old. Before joining Xccelerate's Bootcamp I was studying in HKUSPACE with a major of Literature in English. I did not complete the Associate Degree.

Why did you leave your associate degree to join our Bootcamp?

I came into web development when I was in high school and I was fascinated by it. Speaking of career goals, I think my goal is to build an application that is innovative and impactful to the world. Majoring in Literature in English apparently cannot lead me to achieve my goal and that was the moment I considered quitting my degree and migrating to something more technical.

How is Xccelerate different from a traditional school?

In my opinion, the curriculum in most colleges is not enough for their graduates to fulfill the requirements of the market needs. I am not saying that their courses are useless, however, some of the content is out of date and also too theoretical.

How would you comment on Xccelerate’s community?

Students in Xccelerate come from around the world. I would say it is a very international community. Given they have different backgrounds, I actually learned a lot from them that I did not expect before I joined the Bootcamp. For instance, I acquired some electronics knowledge from my teammate when we were doing our capstone project related to IoT in this Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp.

Briefly introduce what career support you received in the Bootcamp.

Xccelerate has its own in-house career support team. I want to thank Resham and Katrina, they have provided the strongest career support with their full commitment. They have hosted various workshops, e.g. CV workshops, interview workshops, etc for us to prepare for our job search. Moreover, we got the opportunity to meet many hiring partners of Xccelerate. These precious networking events have helped us a lot in our job search process. To conclude, Xccelerate offers a comprehensive service from education to career support.

Congratulations on your new role! Can you tell our audience more about it?

Sure! I am now currently working in an E-commerce firm that is based in Southeast Asia. They opened a new branch in Hong Kong this year and it is kind of a start-up here. I have been hired as a data scientist and software engineer, responsible for the internal system of the branch. In this role, Machine Learning and Deep Learning skills are required.

Thank you, Adrian!

Xccelerate is devoted to bridging the tech talent gap in Hong Kong with a commitment to the best education along with strong career support. With Adrian’s success story, it shows that migrating into the tech industry is not just a pipedream for people that have different backgrounds, even if they may not come from a tech-related field or degree. They succeeded, you can too!

If you are also interested in the technology industry, or want to know about Xccelerate's Full-Time Bootcamp, feel free to contact us for consultation or visit to learn more!

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