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XCCELERATE STORIES: Fixing company "tech neck" in 4 months

Kay Hui
November 5, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024


Fred runs an Internet of Things and automation company in Germany. Recently his firm received a big project, and was faced with a tough technical problem. So he went to Hong Kong to attend Xccelerate's full-time data science and machine learning courses in order to acquire knowledge that would help his firm. Through the four months of immersive learning, Fred quickly learned how to identify data. Now he can apply new skills and knowledge to his business and foster his team growth within his firm.

"It was a really enjoyable course, quite a deep dive into machine learning, really useful for my business."

Fred Tucker - Ashram Labs, Germany

What made you come to Hong Kong?

I haven’t been to Hong Kong before,I came just for the course.

What is your study goal at Xccelerate?

I run a small IoT company, my goal was to get machine learning working from data sensors and to do machine analytics and predictions.

What is your capstone project idea?

A lot of people have problems with their feet when they get older. We are making a product called “Smart Soles”. Having the use of predictive, analytics and machine learning to discover errors in the way you walk. So we put sensors in the bottom of your sole, and then if you are flat footed or high arched etc. We can predict that.

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Have you faced difficulties on your project?

So it’s an extremely complicated project. And extremely fast to do it in one month. Everything from electronics to web to the actual data science and…it’s all together in this project. So there’s a lot of difficulties.

How has your journey at Xccelerate been?

It was a really enjoyable course, four months long. So it’s quite a deep dive into machine learning which is nice, definitely gives you enough time to go into individual topics. It’s really useful for my business, I’ll definitely use it as soon as I get back! And it was quite nice just to come to Hong Kong as well!

What is your plan after this course?

So I go immediately back to Germany where I run Ashram Labs. I’ve got a project to make drone systems where we are looking for pattern recognition to see if there’s any deviations in the pattern for security reasons. That’s my first customer, I’m tired but im happy!

Thank you Fred, congratulations once again! We wish you and your business a great success and bright future!

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