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XCCELERATE STORIES: From HR to tech star

Kay Hui
November 28, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024


"I love learning. Xccelerate helped me to gain data science knowledge from 0, and allow me to step into the field of data science."

Kenneth Hau - Data Science & Machine Learning Graduate

Thanks Kenneth for the interview! Can you share your background story with us? Why did you want to change your career?

Before joining Xccelerate's bootcamp I was in Human Resources. I had been doing that for about 2 years. I realised that I enjoy solving problems and considered entering a field related to creativity and development. This is why I wanted a career change.

After I realised my interest at the end of last year, I started doing research from YouTubers, they said Python is a must-learn programming language. Then I started to self-learn python online, and found Python is related to data science, so I decided to join Xccelerate.

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How was your study experience here?

Although the course may seem intensive, with every day going from 9 am to 6 pm,I found it quite enjoyable! I like learning, so I treated it as an opportunity for me to venture into a new field. Now, coding has become part of my lifestyle! It has exceeded my expectations, because at the beginning I knew nothing about coding bootcamps, and it was my first time joining one. I was wondering what I was going to learn about? What will the learning environment be like? But when I started, I found it is completely different from my previous experience, I was completely immersed into this coding world. I was so happy about that! Also, I could discuss with my peers who had similar interests, allowing us to come up with new ideas!

Great! If 10 is the full marks, how would you rate your experience here?

I think the course was beyond my expectations, if 10 marks is the maximum I could give, I would give Xccelerate 11 marks, or even 15 marks, because it's really amazing!

What are your expectations from your future career?

In the future, I would like to delve deeper into the tech industry which will provide me with a more comfortable and flexible working environment, which will allow me to think more creatively, rather than restricting me in a frame.

What advice do you have for those who are considering switching their career in tech?

I have gained data science knowledge and skills starting from 0, and now I am confident to step into the field of data science. This course can really help those who are interested in technology or thinking of changing their career. It’s possible for them to make it happen.

Thank you Kenneth!

Some people say it is difficult to identify your interests and turn them into your career, but Kenneth has proven it is possible. If you are also interested in the technology industry, or want to know about Xcraterate's Full-Time Bootcamp, feel free to contact us for consultation or visit to learn more!

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