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XCCELERATE STORIES: Women and Work - Unleash Career Potential in Data Science

Kay Hui
October 12, 2020
Last updated on
March 13, 2024


"I want to choose something I really want to do… The Program from Xccelerate provides me a great opportunity to get more exposure to tools and technologies in Data Science and Machine Learning. I hope everyone can try it!"

Maggie Chuang - Participant of the Xccelerate Women in Tech Program

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Maggie, It’s great to have you for the interview! Can you tell us why you choose to apply for the course?

I applied for the course because of my eagerness to do something that I am actually interested in. Throughout my 10 years in the cybersecurity industry, I found that Data Science and Machine Learning are something that I would like to work on, despite the popularity and career path of fields like artificial intelligence (AI) or blockchain. And now, I have more personal time, I want to choose something I like to do, so I applied for the program.

Can you share the most remarkable experience throughout the entire bootcamp?

I think the most memorable thing in these four months was the Capstone Project period. The project aimed to help a real estate developer in Hong Kong solve some business problems by utilizing Data Science and Machine Learning tools and tactics that we have learned in the boot camp. Throughout that period, we usually work day and night… and of course, we need to conduct research in order to solve different technical problems. But I think it was worth it and I learned a lot.

What was the most challenging part of the course?

I think the most difficult thing was Coding since I had no coding experience before. Gratefully, the course provides daily practice on Python. Repeated practices allowed me to master the skills faster by knowing what syntax to apply next time. Also, I was fortunate enough to have the helping hand of students and instructors with coding backgrounds.

How did the course affect your next step in job hunting?

After taking this course, I think I will get more exposure to something related to what I have learned, or I will explore new job fields, not limited to “Data Scientist” or “Data Analyst”, but also those that require the application of Data Science knowledge. I can't wait to give a try to utilize what I have learned from the course.

Do you think what you have learned from the boot camp could be applied to your new job?

I think it’s an absolute yes. It is because the course taught a lot of different technologies in four months, such as Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, and some Modeling of Machine Learning. Some of the junior Data Analyst positions focus on the knowledge of Data Cleaning and Data Visualization. I think all these would definitely help me in fitting into a new role.

As a successful story of the Women in Tech Program, What is the comparative advantage for women learning Data Science?

I think that being a female, the advantage would probably be our alternative views and perspectives that could contribute to the science and technology industry. The society puts more emphasis on diversity development and advocates women to learn STEM. I think companies could also recruit more females for technology roles, this would inject new spectrums to diversify the views for companies’ innovation.

The Women in Tech Program of Xccelerate is a great opportunity for women who always want to try tech stuff and enter the industry. I heard that there are only two places in each cohort. I hope everyone can give a try.

Some people say it is difficult to identify your interests and turn them into your career, but Maggie has proven it is possible. If you are also interested in the technology industry, or want to know about Xccelerate's Full-Time Bootcamp, feel free to contact us for consultation or visit to learn more!

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