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Story of Xccelerate: The Successful Story of an English Major Graduate Switching Career Paths to Software Development

Kay Hui
July 7, 2020
Last updated on
March 13, 2024


Original text is in Chinese, English translator - Natalie Tsang

Bobo is an English major who just graduated from university. After her graduation, she pursued her career in the field of project management, yet she found the job least to her liking. In fact, she had her eyes on software development instead. However, like other fresh graduates, she was as blank as a piece of white sheet with no prior knowledge to the field at all. And yet, she eventually forged her own way and joined an international airline. Here’s a question: How did she manage to do this?

“The English language and coding are both languages of communication, I now am equipped to use an original and unique way to express myself.”

Bobo Tang - Full-time software engineering immersive bootcamp graduate

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Congratulations on getting your dream job, Bobo! I’ve heard that you major in English as your university degree, why did you ever consider switching to the field of software development in the first place?

Yes, I did major in English when I studied in university. My decision on this major is solely rooted from my interest in the language itself, in fact, my future career prospect was not one of the fundamental factors that alter my decision back then. In the years I worked after my graduation, I felt like the job did not offer me much opportunity for growth and development, I was indeed very lost about my future. Therefore, I hope to acquire some skills which provide me more potential as I work towards a better life for myself. I’ve noticed that the field of technology is thriving with its escalating market need for manpower, certain skills In tech are also conveniently applicable in a wide range of industries. This is when I have come to my life-changing decision- I am going to join the software development industry.

Before taking courses in Xccelerate, how did you learn software engineering?

Before Xccelerate, I tried taking online python courses. In the middle of the learning process, the multiples of obstacles I encountered and the lack of assistance both caused me to give up learning python. After a while, I decided to pick up Python once again. This time, I figured I have to amend my ways with a longer and more disciplined mode of learning. Alas, I found Xccelerate.

Unlike your peers, you had to complete the entire course in order to get a job, why was it that?

At that time, I believe I was not mentally-prepared nor equipped knowledge-wise. Therefore, I told myself it would be best if I first complete the course hence find a job. Eventually, after graduating from the Xccelerate’s course for one month, I found a job. Indeed, this course had given me an edge on my interview, especially the Capstone project and talent night. During the Talent Night, I got to interact with people from various backgrounds and industries. In the process of communicating with these certain people, I had the opportunity to deal with multitudes of problems. This experience has enabled me to be equipped enough for the interviews, that’s why it was so helpful! On the actual day for my job interview, I was not completely dumbfounded anymore. Together with the accumulated knowledge and projects I gained from the course in Xccelerate, I was able to illustrate and explain each and every tech skill detailly and explicitly. This indeed allows me stand out of the crowd.

How do you find your new job?

I was offered interview invitations from 5 different companies. I am now most satisfied with the job I am working on. It provides me with an environment in which I could deal with both Frontend and Backend hands-on, building me up as a full-stack software engineer I am now. As for my salary, my company has offered a pay which is 50% higher than my job before switching career paths. This experience strengthens my belief that the technology field will be prosperous in the future.

So here’s our last question. In your opinion, what is common between English and coding language?

I believe both of them are languages for communication. Now, I am able to express myself in a unique way. For example: In the personal blog I built for myself, I would use both English and coding languages to introduce myself, this helps me make an impression.

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Bobo Website:Here

Thank you!

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