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STUDENT STORIES:RH Software - Xccelerate’s Inspiration of Entrepreneurship

Kay Hui
December 3, 2020
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

Hi Chris & Thomas, it’s such a great honor to have both of you for today’s interview. Can you tell us the reason for joining Xccelerate?

Christophe Elisha: (C) Thomas Corbin: (T)

(C): I joined the Full-Stack Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp because I would like to change my career into a more challenging field. Throughout several years of work as a portfolio manager in the hedge fund industry in Hong Kong, I realized that I would like to look for some new challenges in a sustainable industry that I was not familiar with. Therefore, I chose Xccelerate.

(T): I have a background in architecture, but I found that architecture never really gave me the passion and the drive that I want in my life. So I decided to move on to something I am interested in. That's the reason for me to join Xccelerate.

What inspired you to start up your own company "RH Software"?

(T): From my observation during the Bootcamp period, I figured that there were so many Xccelerate students who are very talented. Yet, often they seem like they were getting a little bit overlooked when searching for jobs. I think this is mostly because their CVs cannot show how good they are. This inspired us to start a company that could utilize these brilliant students from Xccelerate, and help to accelerate both their learning processes and working experiences.

(C): One of the aspects that affected most of my current business idea was the desire to enhance the soft skills of transitional students who are looking forward to employment after coming out of Xccelerate. Supporting students helps with the business development of our Software studio at the same time, it's a triple-Win situation for both Xccelerate, the students, and us.

Do you have any prospects about the cooperation between Xccelerate and RH Software?

(T): Xccelerate was amazingly helpful in supporting us, Lavine and Sam in particular. They introduced me to key industry leaders, put me on live webinars and podcasts to bring my brand out, and so much more.

I think in general, Xccelerate is just being very supportive, not only for my education but also for my future career. Words cannot express my appreciation for the support.

About RH Software

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“When I heard about RH software, it rings a bell in my mind. I believe that hard skills could be acquired through learning. However, soft skills should be enhanced through practice. Their company is a great fit for our graduating students who are looking for jobs, to practice what they have learned from Bootcamp and prove their abilities to employers.

I think that as they used to be our students, they exactly know what students need, or how to boost and enhance their skills.

Their fabulous idea is a huge opportunity for students. Not only to boost their skills but more importantly, to build up their confidence throughout the process.

The start-up of RH Software means so much to Xccelerate. It marks a milestone for Xccelerate in advocating Entrepreneurship. We are grateful and look forward to inspiring more of our students to develop their career with diversity in the future."

Thomas DiRienzo - Xccelerate’s Head of Talent Solutions

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