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Your New Chapter

Aka Chung
December 9, 2020
Last updated on
June 14, 2024


You might think life is not doing you justice when COVID-19 hits this hard. However, we want to remind you that your contributions to Hong Kong’s economy are just indescribably amazing. See this critical change as an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone. After all, tomorrow is another day, and every ending is a beginning.

With the escalating number of laid-offs, career advice from the media, the internet and all of your caring friends are overflowing and somehow, emotionally draining. Rushing into a decision is the last thing you should do right now. What’s a better time to re-evaluate and leverage your core strengths?

Think genuinely about what is the ideal benchmark for your next chapter in career development. Always bear in mind that you should “Never Settle for Less” and downplay yourself.

How may Xccelerate assist you in your job-hunting journey?

1) Provide Job Market Insights

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Before stepping onto a brand new career path, what matters more than understanding the state of the particular market? From required skill sets to job responsibilities and career prospects, some information is, by nature, more valuable than the others.

Xccelerate gets first-hand job market information by communicating with hiring managers and stakeholders directly. We utilize the insights to create career-related content and events for our audiences. Make sure you stay tuned to our website and social media channels.

2) Explore Sexy Career Options with You

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You don’t know what you don’t know! People nowadays don’t work for money anymore. It’s about designing a future they love, and following a lifestyle that they desire. That’s why you should always chase after something better than what you had.

Instead of settling your future with the limited choices you are aware of, why don’t you expand on your choices with some professional guidance? Schedule a complimentary 1-1 career consultation with us. Our in-house talent solution team will provide customized career advice based on your academic background, working experience, strengths and weaknesses, expectations, and career preferences.

3) Support Your Betterment with Knowledge

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After knowing your career direction, let’s make your first big step. Conduct a skill gap analysis to identify the skills required to meet your career goals. Take this moment to equip and better yourself with those skills.

If you are looking for opportunities in the tech world, check out Xccelerate’s courses to see how we provide zero to job-ready education and career support to our students and alumni.

4) Financial Sponsorship

As part of Xccelerate’s mission to make career-changing tech education more accessible, our management team has put together a $1 Million COVID-19 Economic Recovery Education Fund to be allocated, over 24 months, to those who have been professionally displaced by the global pandemic.

Many of our Full-Time Immersive Bootcamp graduates were just like you-- they came from various backgrounds in basically everything, but decided to pursue a lucrative, in-demand career in tech in different stages of life.


Know your worth. You don’t have to settle for anything, not a regular, boring desk job. Go on your new adventure in Data Science & Machine Learning, Software Engineering, User Experience (UX) Design, or anything else that is exciting enough for you.

Xccelerate Full-Time Immersive Courses

Need more advice?

If you are at a choice point in your career and need someone to help you navigate professional challenges. You can make an appointment to our complimentary 1-on-1 Career Consultation and receive personalised career advice.