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Xccelerate Stories: FinFabrik & Rico Ng Meet at Talent Night

Resham Hemlani
March 26, 2019
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

In this case study we talk to FinFabrik about their experience in hiring before and after Xccelerate as well as what it's like for Xccelerate Full-Time Immserive Data Science & Machine Learning graduate Rico Ng to be working in one of Hong Kong's most groundbreaking FinTech startups

Tell us about FinFabrik and what you are looking to achieve with your app

FinFabrik is a financial technology company connecting asset owners and investors to make investment opportunity accessible to anyone. Our motto: Finance for All: Made with FinFabrik.

By leveraging blockchain technology on our platform, we are renewing the infrastructure of capital markets. By transforming traditionally alternative, illiquid assets into Digital Asset-Backed Securities, FinFabrik powers a digitally integrated end-to-end lifecycle, from issuance to trading. This will broaden access to assets and capital, link supply and demand more efficiently and enable innovative new business models.

Do you believe Hong Kong has the tech talent necessary to help build an app like this?

We need more daring young tech talents in Hong Kong. People who are eager to innovate themselves by learning the latest technology and knowledge, be it self-directed or following a course, and love solving problems and want challenge in their life.

What would you say are the challenges when it comes to hiring in the traditional way and why you might think it didn't work for your company?

Traditional hiring methods such as getting referrals, posting job ads and people enquiring about job openings posted on our website are still working, however the point I’d like to make is that we should not limit ourselves to just these channels. When it comes to some frontier knowledge and specific skill-sets, the size of the talent pool is comparatively much smaller, and the demand for these talents has become very competitive.

In that sense, we need some more targeted avenues such as Xccelerate where we can proactively approach potential hires.

How did you hear about Xccelerate?

We’re in the same tight startup ecosystem here in Hong Kong. We share the same mission: bringing impact to the world.

How did Xccelerate help you in finding the Machine Learning Specialist that you were looking for?

Xccelerate provides resourceful and much-needed skill-specific data science & machine learning courses for people who want to reinvent themselves. We appreciate the work that Xccelerate is doing; allowing eager individuals to up their games in the new digital economy, with many tech-centric trajectories such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Florian M Spiegl, Co-founder & COO, FinFabrik

“There is a specific quality of Xccelerate graduates which makes them extremely valuable: they start out from a different background and the hunger to learn something new. Rico is a perfect example of that. He is not just a brilliant thinker and developed valuable skills in machine learning. He leverages his intelligence and unique life experience to attack problems with a different viewpoint, a distinct creativity. This is invaluable in an area like our quantitative trading business where it's all about continuously seeing small yet relevant signals in the noise. It requires us doing things differently than the competition.”

Rico Ng, Machine Learning Specialist, FinFabrik

“At the Talent Night, where students present their capstone projects to guests and potential employers, I presented my group project on predicting the trend of several stocks using sentiment analysis. I am passionate about applying machine learning to finance. I met Dr. Yifeng Hou, Quantitative Trading Lead of FinFabrik, we chatted about quantitative modelling. I was fascinated. We followed up with each other, and soon after I was offered to join as the Machine Learning Specialist at FinFabrik. I am driving the research, design and development of trading strategies using machine learning algorithms.

I am happy to have found a job that meets my aspirations. The company cares and values its employees a lot, embraces open and communicative culture. We have regular one-to-one with the team leader and the founders, helpful and friendly colleagues, comfortable and efficient work environment setup. Joining FinFabrik is one of the best decisions that I have made!”

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