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Xccelerate Stories: From 9-6 to Starting a Successful Business post Coding Bootcamp

Xccelerate HK
May 10, 2022
Last updated on
March 13, 2024

"Xccelerate provides effective deployment of 360-degree learning, which is great for those looking to transform their careers!" - Subash Shahi, Full-stack Web Development Graduate

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Why did you decide to switch your career to Tech?

I joined the Tech Industry when I was 19 years old (back in 2009) as a sales executive for a software development company in Nepal. It ignited a passion in me for the tech industry, however, when I moved to HK in 2013, I didn't find any opportunity for sales in the tech industry so I had to work in the food & beverage industry as a detour. While working in the F&B industry, I was searching more about the tech industry in Hong Kong and I found out about Xccelerate. I quickly got interested in joining Xccelerate Coding Bootcamp, as there was no institute to support and empower a tech passionate person by providing a job in the Hong Kong market.

I still remember that one call from Xccelerate to invite me for their scholarship which really made it easier to achieve my dreams.

How was your journey at Xccelerate?

It was really nice to get back into education for a career transformation. It also took me to my school days as the students in the bootcamp would study together, work on real-world projects, and course assignments, and help each other out as a team! There was diversity within the cohort, which allowed me to network and build a strong bond with my classmates.

The instructors and tutors that taught us Full-stack Web Development Immersive Bootcamp were well-experienced and helpful! There was a good balance between self-learning and taught teaching time that encouraged us to take initiative and become job-ready instead of relying on the instructors.

What did you think about the course curriculum to become job-ready?

Overall the course was very immersive, detailed, and technical which helped me and the other students become job-ready. The curriculum and training were industry-focused instead of just theoretical study materials which made it easier for us to work on the actual web development skillset.

One thing I noticed was that students from other bootcamps lacked the immersive knowledge that was provided to us at Xccelerate. There is no hiding that Xccelerate provides effective deployment of 360-degree learning, which is great for those looking to transform their careers!

What was the idea of your capstone and why did you come up with it?

Our capstone project was an e-commerce website and the ideation was majorly around the pandemic situation that we were all encountering - COVID 19. As we all know that during this global pandemic, the e-commerce industry took a huge surge globally. Therefore, we as a group thought and agreed to create an e-commerce website to sell products.

I would like to share a quote from an Indian author of The Pandemic Portal, Arundhati Roy wrote, “Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.”

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How did Xccelerate’s bootcamp help you with finding/starting your new career as running your own business?

Before joining Xccelerate I tried to start my own startup company, however, without the development skills, I was losing confidence in my team. Fortunately, undertaking the full-stack web development bootcamp at Xccelerate, boosted my confidence and paved a pathway for me to understand my development team & clients much better!

How are you utilizing what you learned in Xccelerate’s bootcamp to your current agency?

Development skills & modern business operations strategy are a few things I am using in the software company that I learned in Xccelerate. However, while I was taking the coding bootcamp at Xccelerate, there were other skills that I developed and polished.

The technical knowledge especially helped me to start my own business and also encourages me when I’m dealing with clients as I am able to handle their needs and expectations better.

Do you have any tips for prospective Web Development students?

All I want to say is please do not be restricted in the career path, only because web developers can get jobs easily as web developers are always in demand. Nevertheless, the tech industry itself has so many branches and departments where you can really implement your talent & passion for web development. Hence, all I have to say is to understand who exactly you are as a web developer, your strengths, weaknesses, your goals.

Lastly, having a strong foundation of web development (back-end/front-end/full-stack) will help you become successful within your team, clients or company.


Bootcamps are one of the best ways to increase your skill set in a shorter span of time. The IT industry is growing exponentially across the globe. Check out the current Hong Kong market of Web Development, Data Science and UI/UX Design to be well-informed.

If you’re keen on changing your career to the tech industry - Xccelerate offers the courses for you! Check out our full-time tech bootcamps. Xccelerate has received 'Best Web Development Bootcamp 2021' and 'Best Data Science Bootcamp 2021' on SwitchUp.

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