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Xccelerate Stories: From Marketing Major Graduate to Web Developer

Xccelerate HK
October 4, 2021
Last updated on
June 13, 2024

"I’ve not only learned valuable skills but I’ve made amazing friends as well.  I chose Xccelerate because my research revealed that it was the best Coding Bootcamp in HK and I was correct." - Zachary Lalwani, Web Development Graduate (Cohort 16)  

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I have recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I studied in both Vancouver and online in Hong Kong. When I first applied to university I had a strong passion for marketing. I believe that marketing is a crucial division of any business and I desire to help companies increase their brand recognition, status and sales. While studying for my undergrad, I also launched my own photography business. I specialize in Family, Product, Bridal and Events photography.

Why did you decide to switch your career to Tech?

It's a no-brainer that website development is now essential to any business. In order for your business to be profitable, your voice needs to be heard and your brand needs to be seen. Web development is the key to making these things happen. I truly believe that web development plays a critical role in marketing. It correlates with enhancing the user’s experience, consistent branding with a website, SEO rankings, and conversion rate optimization. As a marketing major, I know that upskilling myself with web development was crucial for my future success.

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How has your journey been at Xccelerate’s bootcamp?

It goes without saying that my experience at Xccelerate has been incredible. I’ve not only learned valuable skills but I’ve made amazing friends as well. I chose Xccelerate because my research revealed that it was the best Coding Bootcamp in HK and I was correct. The teachers here truly care about you and push you to success. Big shoutout to Sam, Clement and Bibek and all their help during my Cohort.

What are some modules you really enjoyed?

My favorite module was 'react.' I think react is an efficient and fast way to develop websites.
ReactJS is very easy to learn and more focused than some other JavaScript framework. Many businesses are shifting or adopting React library because of the simplicity it provides and ease of use. Ease of Learning React is the best advantage as compared to other popular front-end frameworks like Angular and Vue.

What are your future career plans after this bootcamp?

After doing the full-stack web development course I discovered my passion for frontend development. My career plan now is to apply for a front-end development job and enter the world of software engineering!

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What's the idea of your capstone and why did you come up with it?

My group and I developed a job application called Occujob that is catered to the needs of part-time and freelance job seekers.

We noticed that there is a vast amount of job application websites available to the people of Hong Kong, but none of these websites are catered to users looking for a part-time or freelancing job.  Thus, the primary market to find freelance or part-time jobs in Hong Kong is through Facebook Groups.  We decided to create Occujob with the implication to organize and add structure to the method of freelance and part-time job applications in Hong Kong.

Do you have any tips for prospective Web Development students

I would really encourage everyone to focus on mastering react. Most companies are progressing to developing their applications on react so it's a very important skill to learn.
I would also remind you guys to take it easy and not overwork yourself! Remember to take a well-deserved break every week!


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