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Xccelerate Stories: From Video Games Concept Major to UX Designer

Xccelerate HK
August 17, 2021
Last updated on
May 23, 2024

"Because of the support we get with the career plus program, combined with the connections Xccelerate has, I am confident that if I continue to build up my portfolio, I can find the job that I want." - Ryan Chan, UX Design Graduate (Cohort 3)

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Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I majored in video game concept art briefly in Canada, and for a while, I was looking for jobs in the gaming industry. The gaming market needed coders, developers, and people with programming skills, which I lacked - so it was hard to land a job in that field. After a while, I came back to Hong Kong and my friends referred me to a few UX UI jobs. Since I didn't know anything about UX UI, I decided to learn more about it. Through research, I came across Xccelerate.

Why did you choose Xccelerate?

I chose Xccelerate because of the career-plus option for all the full-time courses. To me, I think it's better to have more practical experiences, so when I graduate from the bootcamp, I can apply to companies with more confidence and know what I'm doing. I think this is a lot better than just learning and not being able to use the materials we learned.

What is the teaching style like for the UX course?

I really like the teaching style of the instructors here and my instructor was Kaleb. He would always provide us with the information that we need, but then we would need to absorb the data by doing studies and doing the readings to understand the full content. I like the teaching style here because they don't force us to take in too much information in one go. Also, when we need the time to think and brainstorm ideas, Kaleb would encourage us to be more independent but was there when we needed help and guidance. So in a way, we are encouraged to solve problems ourselves, and I really like that.

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Do you think Xccelerate has prepared you well for the job market?

I definitely think I'm job-ready. Even though I'm just two months in, smaller overseas companies have asked me to do some UX-related work for them. However, I do want to get a more serious full-time job in UX industry after graduating. Because of the support we get with the career plus program, combined with the connections Xccelerate has, I am confident that if I continue to build up my portfolio, I can find the job that I want.

Is there a particular project that you really enjoyed doing?

My favorite project is the one we are working on right now. We are designing a tool for investors to identify potential companies they can invest in. I like this project because we can talk to different people in the investment realm, such as venture capitalists and angel investors. Also, I like that we can do real-life client projects.


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